NamePastor Ningendo
NicknameThe maggots
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Created1 year ago | 2015-04-15 21:30:00
Detalhe das skills do personagem:

Level(Nivel) Ninjutsu Taijutsu Glove(Luva) Sword(Espada) Distance Defense
521 125 78 14 71 29 13

Lista de mortes abaixo:
23 Feb 2016, 16:32Died at Level 525 by Spectro.
1 Nov 2015, 04:47Died at Level 527 by Kamon, Astarte and Trampolim.
1 Nov 2015, 03:35Killed at Level 532 by Eduehrei, Minato Txd, Monsterquest and Keep Calm And Love.
31 Oct 2015, 21:43Killed at Level 534 by Breeze.
31 Oct 2015, 15:12Killed at Level 530 by Player Alterado, Eai Boy and Kamon.
30 Oct 2015, 14:32Died at Level 532 by Kamon.
30 Oct 2015, 05:24Killed at Level 527 by Hander Hammer and Gedou Dog.
29 Oct 2015, 18:41Killed at Level 529 by Vencetex and Gedou Dog.
23 Oct 2015, 18:10Killed at Level 531 by The Last Suigetsu, Aokiji Kuzan and dog fear.
19 Oct 2015, 23:34Killed at Level 534 by The Sabio, Art Mangekyou and Poweer Red.
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