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Detalhe das skills do personagem:

Level(Nivel) Ninjutsu Taijutsu Glove(Luva) Sword(Espada) Distance Defense
457 133 60 53 67 10 14

Lista de mortes abaixo:
4 Jan 2017, 18:45Died at Level 462 by Vampire Mutated.
4 Jan 2017, 13:19Killed at Level 465 by Zero Dark and Estagiario.
4 Jan 2017, 13:10Killed at Level 469 by Sin Corazon, Romagaga and Augustaum Vrau.
4 Jan 2017, 13:02Killed at Level 473 by Style Jhonsom, Paulao Ixtrupacu, Romagaga and Suriel Code.
4 Jan 2017, 12:57Killed at Level 475 by Romagaga and Sin Corazon.
4 Jan 2017, 12:39Killed at Level 480 by Sin Corazon and Igneel Uchiha.
4 Jan 2017, 02:11Killed at Level 468 by Romagaga and Sin Corazon.
4 Jan 2017, 02:04Killed at Level 472 by Player Ediitado and Sin Corazon.
3 Jan 2017, 23:32Killed at Level 476 by Lost Spirits and Impact Uchiha.
3 Jan 2017, 23:25Killed at Level 480 by Lost Spirits and Impact Uchiha.
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