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Created1 year ago | 2015-04-05 05:16:37
Detalhe das skills do personagem:

Level(Nivel) Ninjutsu Taijutsu Glove(Luva) Sword(Espada) Distance Defense
561 140 92 40 84 10 13

Lista de mortes abaixo:
13 Jan 2017, 03:35Killed at Level 551 by Lago Azul and Ribaiasan.
6 Jan 2017, 02:30Slain at Level 516 by Uchiha In Sasuke, Play Nice, Raiton Yellow, Susano Explosive, Saruuman and Loirinha Do Tchan.
6 Jan 2017, 02:18Killed at Level 519 by Teuku Myadola, Raiton Yellow, In Dubai and Play Nice.
4 Jan 2017, 03:11Slain at Level 501 by Direct Current, Destroyer Kamui, Tommy Toddy, Relampago Fast and Yer Sir.
2 Jan 2017, 14:12Killed at Level 503 by Marshmellow.
11 Dec 2016, 14:31Killed at Level 502 by Szkillerbeez, Hashirama Zenn and Kakuzu Doo Arroizal.
11 Dec 2016, 01:14Killed at Level 498 by Obito Zenn, Uchiha Heitor and Ultimate Skeleton.
24 May 2015, 22:13Killed at Level 493 by Saiganz, Uchiha Rinnegn, Cherobim and jya boss.
20 Apr 2015, 20:54Killed at Level 483 by Izanami Itaachii, Rock Theus, Gedou Mazou of Obito Vibe and Fuguki Suikazan.
20 Apr 2015, 20:39Killed at Level 485 by Lula Moluzko, Lukinhadasareiass, Obito Vibe and Power Distanc.
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