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Created10 months ago | 2016-03-28 12:38:37
Detalhe das skills do personagem:

Level(Nivel) Ninjutsu Taijutsu Glove(Luva) Sword(Espada) Distance Defense
600 131 10 10 82 10 14

Lista de mortes abaixo:
11 Jun 2016, 02:56Killed at Level 582 by Mandei and Hashirama Barkov.
24 May 2016, 03:46Killed at Level 510 by Impetus, renegade, great snake and severium snake.
24 May 2016, 03:20Died at Level 512 by Salamandra.
23 May 2016, 23:57Killed at Level 511 by Uchira Madaraax.
23 May 2016, 17:43Killed at Level 510 by Limitless and shinobi skys.
23 May 2016, 13:32Died at Level 509 by Salamandra, shinobi archer, renegade, shinobi fire, sword man and sand sc2.
19 Apr 2016, 06:04Killed at Level 501 by Obito Manix.
19 Apr 2016, 02:11Killed at Level 497 by Zig Zag Atack.
19 Apr 2016, 00:26Killed at Level 497 by Hunter Masters and Legendary Spark.
18 Apr 2016, 22:42Killed at Level 497 by Vral and Nkero Morres.
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